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My name is Alex Wilson. I am a self-taught photographer and pro-content writer with 4-year experience. I am now working as a freelancer and open to jobs related to photography, writing, and designing which I have been doing over the past 6 years.

More about me

Writing is important and editing is of no less importance. In fact, behind every great newspaper is always the minds of great editors who have a firm grasp of knowledge across the fields and excellent use of the language. I am lucky enough to be such one that helped, one of top automotive platforms in Nigeria, deliver the best content and writings to Nigerian car enthusiasts. 3 years working there has armed me with sufficient knowledge and techniques and honed the skills of a good editor.

Before taking the writing and editing at, I had spent my 4 university years on translating jobs (I used to be a student of English). During this time, I managed a Facebook page which shared the best articles and translated them from English to Vietnamese.

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3 years at, working with the best writers in Nigeria, gives me nothing but a valuable experience in writing and editing. I will carry those priceless lessons forever.

Translation (English – Vietnamese)

With my interest in translating and passion for providing people with the best news, I created and managed a Facebook page where I translated best news from English to Vietnamese while also leaving a list of vocabulary and phrases at the end of each post so that page followers can make more out of the page.

Partner up with me to take your proof-reading, writing, and translating to the next level

Are you looking for one who can take care of your proof-reading and writing? or a translator who knows his job? If yes, reach me via the contact left down below!


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